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Articles of Interest

What Is The Secret To Successful Investing In A Bear Market?

The past two years have made investors forget about the drubbing they took in 2008. The S&P Index was down a smooth 37% while the NASDAQ followed up with a 40% loss in value. There’s no doubt that the past two years, 2009-2010, have been very good for equity markets… Download PDF

How-To Articles

How To Prepare For Insurance Exam

The insurance physical is performed in your home, office or a medical facility; The location will be coordinated with you based on the required tests and what would be most convenient/preferable for you. Download PDF for more information regarding your insurance exam….
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What Should You Do With That Old 401(K)?

There are many misconceptions about what must be done with a 401(k) when someone leaves a company. Some people think they have to cash out their 401(k) upon leaving a job. Download PDF for more information about your old 401(k)…. Download PDF

Company Brochures

Parkland Securities, LLC

Investment services and products are offered through Parkland Securities, LLC. member FINRA and SPIC. Parkland Securities, LLC®: Located in Ann Arbor, Michigan, Parkland Securities, LLC® (SSC) is an independent full-service broker/dealer offering a comprehensive financial services platform including an array of investment choices, high quality trade executions, a full range of retirement services, as well as services in research, investment analysis, and client portfolio reviews…. Download Brochure

Fidelity Investments

All brokerage accounts at Parkland Securities, LLC. are held in custody by Fidelity Investments.
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