Risk Management

Our Objective

Our objective, while limiting portfolio risk, is to provide positive absolute portfolio returns. Wealth Partners, an independent financial consultant, utilizes a go anywhere strategy in the selection of investments for client accounts and strives to preserve client capital in periods of declining markets. We structure actively managed client portfolios using independent third party asset managers in an attempt to control downside losses and preserve capital. Volatility is further limited by the combination of correlated and non-correlated investment strategies. Wide diversification (Diversification does not ensure a profit or guarantee against loss;it is a method used to help manage risk) coupled with prudent portfolio management may allow for our portfolios to perform in any economic environment.


Client portfolios are diversified in a selection of bonds, foreign and domestic equities, commodities, and high yield fixed income instruments. We employ a combination of Tactical & Quantitative Asset Allocation and a High Yield bond strategy as a means to help preserve capital during market declines, reducing investment volatility, and help to limit risk. Our portfolios include an active management strategy in order to take advantage of market pricing anomalies or strong market sectors. We have found during times of market stress the performance of traditional investments tend to correlate or move in tandem. When this happens the benefits of diversification are lost.

Reduce the Risk

The key to Modern Portfolio Theory was the revelation that the risk of any investment can be reduced or performance increased by creating a portfolio of diverse and non-correlated assets. The general premise of tactical and quantitative asset allocation is to reduce the volatility risks and achieve returns that exceed the target benchmark. These strategies attempt to create extra value by taking advantage of certain situations in the marketplace. Asset allocation does not ensure a profit or guarantee against loss; it is a method used to manage risk.